Electronic Cigarette Buyers Guide

We’re here to help you choose an e-cigarette that makes sense for your style, personality, smoking preferences, and most importantly, your wallet.

We’re Natalie and Eric, lifelong friends recently out of college.  Our New Years Resolution was to NEVER have a tobacco cigarette (or heater, cig, smoke, whatever you prefer to call them), and we embarked on this journey on January 1, 2013.

Thankfully, we had each purchased various electronic cigarette brands and swore to each other to use those, exclusively, in the year 2013.  You can read about how many times we broke our resolutions, thanks in part to poor choices of e-cig brands and bad advice, if you follow this link.

Since we did have so many bad brands and inferior products, we decided the world would be a better place if there was a resource that shared these reviews and opinions.  Eric has a technical background, while I’m the editorial junkie and the pretty face behind the site.  Together, we’re are happy to report we’ve been tobacco free for quite some time thanks to e-cigs!

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